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From the Brittany region across to the Western Coastline down through the Loire Valley to Paris, we offer a vast selection of family holiday deals and with so much on offer we can confidently match our range of selected accommodation to your family’s needs.

The following are just a selection of our most popular options that we see families returning to year after year:

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Top Destinations

Village Nature resort

Village Nature

Recharge those batteries and get away from it all with a truly unique resort-based experience in the heart of the countryside. Enjoy family fun at Bellevie Farm or explore the extraordinary gardens. What is great about this resort is its location too, being only 6km from Disneyland Paris, Marne La Vallee Shopping Centre and 40km from Paris. So it’s also a great place to both get away from it, but also close enough to enjoy that magical Disney experience.

Yelloh Village, Sunelia, Les Castels and Vacansoleil Campsites

Situated across the whole of France, you can explore as much, or a little, as you like. With sites ranging from 3-5 stars and offering cottages, chalets and mobile homes, there is something to suit every budget and every taste. Whether you are looking for fine sandy beaches, visits to the chateaux of the Loire, the Dordogne or stunning views across the Atlantic Coast, our key camping partners can pretty much cover all the bases.


This award-winning brand offers a unique holiday parc experience right in the heart of nature, with things to do for all ages, from escape rooms to quad biking and not forgetting the tropical swimming paradises everyone will keep themselves occupied. Specific resorts include:

Les Bois aux Daims

An immersive experience in the heart of nature with modern wooden cottages or treehouses. Observe the animals of the Poitou forest and farm to learn from them. Enjoy a family getaway with plenty of outdoor activities and bespoke treatments at the Deep Nature®.

Les Hauts de Bruyeres

Explore a region rich in traditions, discover the châteaux of the Loire and its pine forests. Discover our new design VIP Wood cottages for up to 12 people and all those classic Center Parcs activities.

Les Bois-Francs

Just 1 hour 30 minutes from Paris, escape from the city and enjoy the charms of the Normandy countryside. Stay with your family in renovated cottages or VIP Pagodas. Enjoy a romantic break at Hotel La Maison du Lac. The Bois-Francs resort is full of new leisure experiences to discover.